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Back Stories

Back Stories Workouts

This training series is all about neck, shoulders and back and the practice of self-love. We use work in extension and outward rotation to create length and space. The neck, back and shoulders open up and release tension to gain more freedom.

We increase mobility and range of motion.

Core Principles

  • lengthening rather than contracting
  • engaging the whole body from the heel to the crown of the head to create space
  • pulling the shoulder blades down and towards the spine and so release the neck
  • as I call it – tips of the shoulder blades kissing – will position the shoulder blades on the rip cage
  • putting the shoulder girdle back in place by pulling the elbows out of the shoulder and lengthening all the way into the arm lines
  • creating a strong anchors in heel, tail bone and sitting bones
  • free the spine, neck and head
  • open your wings (arms)

In each training video, we mobilize and stretch as well as strengthen our spine and shoulder girdle. You will tone your hips and gluts and be more at ease to stand proud and tall.

All Back Stories workouts can be practiced without any need of equipment. I recommend using a soft floor, carpet or sticky mat for cushioning.

Back Stories All Workouts (YouTube)


You should consult your physician or other health care professional before starting this or any other fitness program to determine if it is right for your needs.

Caroline Wirthle